07 - 09 March 2017 | Bremen, Germany

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Offshore Cabling Agenda

First-hand insights into planning, monitoring and installation of offshore wind cable projects from stakeholders along the cabling value chain. Download the agenda to find out more about the speakers and the sessions for 2017


Condition Monitoring for Subsea Cables

This article provides an overview of the different approaches, strategies, and solutions to condition monitoring for subsea cables in offshore wind farms.

Lessons Learnt from Cable Malfunctions

Subsea cables are extremely prone to damage and failure. These damages can cause substantial financial losses to the developers, reputational damage to the contractors and shadows doubts over the offshore wind energy as a reliable and safe technology. This article provides an overview of the most expensive and catastrophic cable damages that have occurred over the past few years.


Interview with Dr. Simon Sutton

In this exclusive interview with IQPC, Dr. Simon Sutton discusses his work at the University of Southampton's Tony Davies High Voltage Lab, the consequences of wind parks moving further offshore, the challenges of keeping costs down during installation and monitoring, and the potential impact of aging for wet design cables.

Q&A Girshen Padayachee, Vattenfall

Girshen Padayachee, Electrical Engineer at Vattenfall, discusses cable installation, efficient monitoring and maintenance strategies, and how deeper waters influence offshore cabling design developments.

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Management of UXO Risk in the Offshore Environment

RES's Senior Project Manager Surveys, Mark Lawrence, presents on marine bed surveys, UXO detection techniques, and risk control measures as a solution to the continuous threat UXOs pose to offshore wind structures and subsea cables with ever increasing frequency. 

Download the presentation to find out why the UXO risk cannot be ignored in offshore cable installation, the best methodology to implement, and what tools and equipment can help mitigate this risk.


Temperature Excursions on a DEH Flowline

This infographic shows temperature excursions in a DEH flowline and flowline and pipeline integrity monitoring, as shown in the Omnisens SA whitepaper 'Subsea Flowline and Pipeline Temperature Monitoring'

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